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    The Mansoura University Vertebrate Paleontology center (MUVP), a research unit for vertebrate fossil preparation and training, was created in 2010. MUVP is dedicated to educating Egyptian vertebrate paleontologists, expanding awareness of Egypt's vertebrate paleontological resources, and undertaking collection, preparation, study and curation of Egypt's fossil vertebrates. Development of the MUVP lab has not only allowed the growing collection of fossil vertebrates to be prepared and described, but has also facilitated expansion of the vertebrate paleontology program at Mansoura University and other Egyptian universities through the training of students and technicians. A well-equipped MUVP laboratory has attracted top Egyptian students to the program at Mansoura, as well as professional paleontologists who would like to prepare and study vertebrate fossils. MUVP has been involved in vertebrate paleontology projects to study vertebrate evolution in the Late Cretaceous and
Paleogene of Africa.

The primary missions of MUVP are to;

 1- Attract top-tier Egyptian students to a progressive vertebrate paleontology         graduate program;

 2- Establish collaborations with professional vertebrate paleontologists around       the world interested in expanding vertebrate paleontology education in Egypt;

 3- Install a well-equipped laboratory and appropriately curated collection  facilities  so that researchers (students and faculty alike) can (a), conduct the necessary descriptive and comparative studies and (b), communicate the discoveries to wider paleontological and general public audiences;


4- Initiate vertebrate paleontological expeditions that will train the next generation of Egyptian vertebrate paleontologists (students and technicians) and considerably expand fossil vertebrate collections;

5- Povide valuable, and previously unavailable, teaching materials (theoreticaland practical) to other universities and initiate outreach to primary/secondary level schools to facilitate expansion of the vertebrate paleontology science in Egypt; and finally  

6- Raise funds and encourage students to volunteer in order to enhance the vertebrate paleontology department at the Egyptian Geological Museum.