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Dakhla & Kharga

 Joe Sertich (left), Hesham Sallam (middle) and Erik Seiffert (right) exposing interesting skull fragments

 Patrick O'Connor (left), Joe Sertich (middle) and Mohamed Youssef (right) putting a big dinosaur humerus back together.

 Joe Sertich (left), Khaled Behzad (right) chiseling under a big turtule jacket in order to flip it.

 Khaled Behzad (left), Mohamed Youssef (middle) and Joe Sertich (right) flipping the big jacket.

 Joe Sertich (left) Hesham Sallam (middle) Mohamed Youssef (right) doing a dry sieving process at Erik's Hill.

 Erik Seiffert (left) and Mohamed Youssef (right) looking for tiny fossils.

 Mohamed Youssef (left) and Joe Sertich (right) cataloging the fossil collection at Mansoura University.

 2010 crew members; from left to right: Abdo Zedan (Fayum camp driver), Yassen El-Saay (MU driver), Hesham Sallam, Erik Seiffert, Patrick O'Connor, Joe Sertich, Mohamed Youssef and Khaled Behzad on top of the car.

 The first MUVP showcase at the Geology Department, Mansoura University.