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Dakhla & Kharga

 Hesham Sallam asking a local paleontologist for a direction (From left to right:    Patrick O'Connor, Haytham el-Atfy, local paleontologist and Hesham Sallam)

 Our camp site

 Erik Seiffert looking for micro-vertebrate fossils

 Haytham el-Atfy (left), Patrick O'Connor (middle) and Joe Sertich (right) finding    a dinosaur vertebra                

 In front; Patrick O'Connor (left) and Joe Sertich (right) puting bones back  together in order to reconstruct the crocodile skeleton, while in the back; Erik Seiffert (left)and Haytham El-Atfy (right) looking for more pieces of the same crocodile.

 Haytham El-Atfy jacketing dinosaur limb bones

 From left to right; Erik Seiffert, Joe Sertich, Patrick O'Connor and Haytham El-   Atfy are cataloging the fossil collection

 2008 crew members; from left to right: Patrick O'Connor, Joe Sertich, Yassen El-Saay (MU driver), Haytham Al-Atfy, Hesham Sallam, Erik Seiffert and Abdo Zedan (Fayum camp driver)